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Mama Keri
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With my first child Jasper I went in search of a changing bag. But, having scoured the market I couldn’t find anything that was functional whilst still fashionable and long lasting. I gave up, used an ordinary ugly black twill bag and then went back to work. Then the twins showed up! Again I went on the hunt for a suitable (and this time larger) changing bag but was left frustrated and uninspired. I wanted a bag big enough to keep everything needed for Jasper and the twins. However I did not want to lose my identity and become just another mum! I wanted to feel good and have a bag on my arm that represented me as an individual.
This led me to launch KeriKit Ltd. Using my wealth of knowledge and understanding of the market, I have worked hard to try and create beautifully made handbags that are functional, luxurious and fashionable but also bags that change with you as you go through life. These bags cater for business women, mothers and any lady who knows a good bag when she sees one, and doesn’t want to conform to buying another ‘ordinary – run of the mill’ bag.
The IRO (Internal Removable Organiser) is a handy little liner for the bag – which holds all your bits and bobs, be it baby bottles or water bottles, nappies or a laptop, clothes or trainers etc. It can also be removed to wipe clean or when no longer needed. Your KeriKit bag then returns to being a gorgeous oversized handbag.
My bags were created, born and raised in Pott Shrigley, using the finest Italian leathers. I really hope you love my products as much as I do and you find them as useful as intended.

Tell us about you and your Family:

My lovely and very supportive Husband Scott and I have been together 10 years, and we have 3 beautiful children. Jasper is 3 and the twins, Charlie and Aryella are 1. Granny lives next door and we all muck in which is what makes it all work!


Do you have any favourite products from your range?

I am very proud of my bags. Having used my experience as designer for over 15 years and a senior buyer for 7, I feel I have created a range for a market where the need is great. Its hard to pick a favourite as I like them all for different reasons. I love Charlie pony for a night out and I use Keri Jane daily with the twins and Jasper. If I have business meetings I take Jasper Anaconda as he is perfect as a laptop bag.


What inspired you to get creative?

I was frustrated and disappointed by the product I saw on the high street and the price one was expected to pay. After I had the twins the frustration was ten fold as not only were there very limited bags suitable for twins, the only ones I found were bulky and ugly. My bags are gorgeous yet functional and can be used for more than just a changing bag. They are a great investment piece as they will change you as your needs and requirements change.


Do you have any tips for managing work / family life balance?

I plan each week ahead in advance with the family to ensure we all know what we are doing. I always take Thursday off to enjoy a whole day with my children and we try to do nice things at the weekend. I tend to get most of my work done when they are napping or after they have gone to bed but I also make sure I have at least 1 full day a week committed to work and on that day I am totally focussed. I couldn’t do it without the support of my husband and my mother.


How did you first start to sell your products?

With the launch date at the end of August, we are still in the setting up phase but I have already made sales and have a number of people on the waiting list which is a fantastic start! My customers have really bought into the handbags and how useful and well made they are so I am already really pleased. I am now placing repeat orders ready for Christmas.


What are your dreams for the future?

We are planning to expand the range in the run up to Christmas with purses and make up bags and for the future we just want to continue building our brand. Our aim is to keep our customers feeling organised and relaxed, and looking gorgeous with their KeriKit bag on their arms!


Do you have any tips for anyone starting out?

If you have an idea, research it fully and try to gain experience first before spending your own money. It’s better to make any mistakes whilst employed elsewhere and then when your ready go it alone!

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