The New Mum’s Notebook

by The New Mum's Notebook


Product Description

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The New Mum’s Notebook is the sanity saving journal to help new mums navigate the first 12 months of motherhood. Packed full of articles, journal pages and inspiration, The New Mum’s Notebook is every new mum’s companion (no matter what round she’s on). Like having her best friend by her side every step of the way, to remind her she’s amazing and reassure her, as often as she needs to hear it, that what she’s doing is more than enough.

– 304 colour pages including 32 articles, journal pages, affirmations, simple recipes and blank notes pages
– Divided into the first 12 months of motherhood to address each particular stage
– 12 months of milestone charts for mum and baby
– Integrated pocket at the back with milestone stickers and space for papers and notes
– Neon yellow ribbon bookmark
– Comes nicely packaged, ideal for a new mum/baby shower gift with gift card available

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Dispatched within 3 working days.