Evie Michelle

West Sussex

I had the idea for my Liberty Hairbands when I was pregnant and searching for sweet little dainty hairbands for little girl Evie. I wanted something that would look sweet, pretty and compliment her outfits nicely and I couldn’t find anything I liked so I decided to make my own.

Since becoming a Mummy to Evie and her wearing them all the time, I started getting lots of compliments on them so thought I would share them with other Mamas looking for a similar thing.

They are made using super soft nylon hairbands which are really stretchy so they fit all sizes from newborn to adult.

I love the fact siblings, cousins, friends and even baby & Mama can match, who doesn’t love matching things!

I use a selection of beautiful Liberty of London fabrics and faux suede cord, hopefully creating a stylish look for your little ones.

You will find me busy making once Evies down for a nap or in the evenings ! Thank you for your interest in our hairbands,

Michelle & Evie x

Mama Tip

Accept that everything you do will take at least twice as long as it would have done before you were a Mum, but keep moving and you’ll get there.

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