martha and hepsie

North Devon and Sheffield

martha and hepsie design and sell colourful animal and bird homeware, stationary, baby wear and clothes all proudly made in the UK.

We're a sister team based in Sheffield and Devon, embracing the wonders of technology we work from two ends of the country to bring martha and hepsie designs to life!

A little bit more about us:

Martha (the northern one!): With a degree in Textile design from Nottingham Trent, Martha moved to London to develop her career in design and production working for designer Lisa Stickley and Gisela Graham. With experience under her belt Martha has returned to her northern roots relocating to the steel city of Sheffield to focus on martha and hepsie and has recently taken on an additional job of motherhood (her first born was born 10 years exactly after Hepsie's first born - weird)!!

Hepsie (the not so soft southerner!): Gaining experience from placements at Matthew Williamson, Copperwheat Blundell and trends agency The Bureaux during her Fashion and Business Studies degree at Brighton, Hepsie returned to Devon and progressed a career with jewellery brand Kit Heath. Now she is ploughing everything she knows into martha and hepsie as well as juggling the demands of her tribe!

Mama Tip

Laughter is the best medicine and make sure you have a mate or mates to share it with! When you've had zero sleep, poonami's have broken every nappy barrier put in place and your toddler has sprinkled cereal all over the front room to make it look like snow, take a deep breath and share this ridiculous day you're having with your friends. They may not be able to physically help you but a text from another adult telling you it's ok & sharing their parenting fails will help you through, after all a problem shared is a problem halved-right?

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