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The Social Enterprise on a mission to unite health with beauty and bring the fight against cancer into Britain’s bathrooms. We encourage ladies and gents to perform self-examinations to sniff out any early signs of breast or testicular cancer that may have reared their ugly heads. Self-examinations are best performed when skin is slightly slippery so we offer homemade skincare products to get your skin in tip top condition to provide a self-examination, but even better products are encased with a step-by-step guide of how these should be done. No more than 6 ingredients in any product. You provide the hands, we provide the knowledge!
A donation is made to charity from every sale.

Mama Tip

Go with your gut instincts, if you truly believe in your business idea then it is highly likely others will see value in it too. It is by no means easy to juggle work with little ones and other things you want to pursue in life, but it is possible – it may well mean missing your favourite tv programme but the rewards can be immense! See my ebook ‘Mummy Madness’ about being a mumpreneur!

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