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5 Ways To Beat The January Blues

January can make most of us feel down in the dumps. Moods can dip following the excesses of the festive season, but they can be lifted again with our top tips to beating the January blues.



Take some time out for you. It doesn’t have to be an expensive day at the spa, it can be getting lost in a good book, making your recipe, calling a friend, going out for a walk, watching your favourite movie.



Rather than focus on your weaknesses & how to fix them. Focus on your strengths and plan how you plan to use them. Perhaps look at all the amazing things you achieved throughout the year and remind yourself how brilliant you are.



Get organised. It’s so easy to leave things to the last moment but it can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Make a ‘To Do List’ before the start of the week and then prioritise what should be done by day. Be realistic and if it can’t all be done, then delegate.

My cheats for getting organised are – plans your meals for the week and use the slow cooker for those days when you are super busy.

Plans your outfits for the week and get the kids uniforms ironed before the week begins.



Declutter your life. Look at all the areas of your life that need a refresh. Get rid of any unwanted items such as clothes you never wear, email subscriptions that clog up your inbox or those accounts that make you feel rubbish on social media. Decluttering will clear your mind and will leave you feeling refreshed.



Make your evenings social media free. Scrolling through Instagram or Facebook about other people’s life’s may leave you feeling deflated about your own. Use your evenings to relax, watch TV, read a book or get an early night.

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