#ALLbyMAMAMeets The Mini Post in conversation with Girl Friday | All By Mama
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#ALLbyMAMAMeets The Mini Post in conversation with Girl Friday

Founder of TMPOrganic Apparel, brand design consultant and mother, Orlagh O’Reilly is based in Dublin with her husband and two children. To celebrate the relaunch of ALL by MAMA with a fresh new look and feel, Orlagh gets to know Mama Maker Girl Friday who sent her a personalised Santa sack for her son Dillon, in time for their Christmas celebrations!     https://www.allbymama.com/product/santa-on-his-sleigh-freehand-embroidered-large-christmas-sack/ Let's get to know Dawn a little more with some questions from Orlagh:   What inspired you to start your embroidery business / How did you discover embroidery   A house move prompted me to dip into sewing. I'm not trained in Embroidery or textiles, after seeing the style on Pinterest I was inspired to try freehand embroidery. I took a day course and was hooked!   Where do you get your inspiration from   Everywhere! I love colour and I love the seasons, particularly autumn and spring, there's just so much to look at. Lots of ideas pop into my head during the night, I'm always scribbling and sketching things down.   Of all your creations is there one product that is particularly special to you   My first family tree...my own.   How do you manage your time juggling work around your two boys   Planning, lists, even down to things like meal planning and a schedule for housework (boring but essential). It's hard work, they are both in school but the day is never long enough. I work in the evenings too when they sleep. It's a constant juggle.   Share your advice with Mums who are starting a business   Just try! No ones an expert, everyone starts somewhere. Ask questions, use the resources you have and enjoy it. It's hard work but if you are passionate about your work you will love the hard work.   Check out Dawn's range at AllByMama.com here.  

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