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Back to school anxieties, from our community of mums

How are you feeling about back to school?


We asked some of our members how they are feeling about the kids going back to school in September and if they had any products they could recommend for back to school.

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“Getting everyone back into a school routine is definitely an overwhelming thought for me right now. I’m so worried about turning back to old, bad habits again.  Being organised helps me enormously though; name labels, good storage systems and, of course, smart PE bags are all my essentials!”

Kate, Hope and Rainbows

Kate makes beautiful drawstring bags, perfect for PE Kits - shop HERE




"This year, September brings ‘Back to School’ with a twist! Oh, the mixed emotions! Many of us are longing for the routine after a strange summer term, but with the added complication of uncertainty and anxiety, it’s certainly going to be a transition! I think understanding and empathy is going to be key for parents, teachers and children, because the emotional experience will be different for everyone. I certainly feel torn between the time I will gain for myself and the vulnerability of sending my children back out into the world after 6 months at home. We’ll take it day by day, but with one child going into Year 6 and one starting in reception, I’m hoping for a stable school year!"

Ruth, Ink and Scribbles 

Ruth has created a Worry Journel - to help kids through their worries - shop HERE




"Skip the reassurance; help your child out of their anxious/ worried state.

eg, “Mum, I’m going to miss you, I’m not going to know ANYONE, and no one is going to talk to me, I'm scared.”

Don’t say: “Sweetie, you’ll be fine! I’m sure you’ll meet some really nice kids. Of course they will want to be your friend, there is nothing to be scared about.!”

Trying to talk someone out of their feelings never works.

Instead I suggest you acknowledge their fears and empathise with them in this moment.  Connect and comfort them by welcoming all emotions (even the scary uncomfortable ones). Finally, help them make a plan.

Here’s an example of what you could say whilst holding them:

“Wow. Sounds like you’re really worried, sweetie. You’re worried you’re going to miss me and you won’t know anyone right?. You wish I could stay with you and that some kids you knew were going to be there. Let's think about all the things we can do to make it easier. Let's focus on the good stuff, like the nice teacher you met, and how amazing you are. 

Take the time to understand your child's emotions by validating their feelings naturally helps them feel calmer."

Priya, Little Crystal Minds

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“After months of home schooling and being stuck at home with her parents my daughter now appreciates what ‘boring!’ really means. Normally it’s moans and groans when September arrives - this year I’m not sure who is more excited about the first day of term us or the kids. Having spent hours doing a job I am unqualified and unprepared to undertake I now realise teachers really are real life superheroes.”

Kelly, From You To Me

Kelly has a Rant and Rave journal - perfect for giving kids a safe space to write about how they feel once they are back at school - click HERE





"Well personally I’d excited for the children to go back to school, to see their friends and try and get back to a normal childhood. My 5 and 7 year old have been absolutely amazing during this whole period but I can see they are ready to return. Their mental health and well-being must be at the forefront of their return to school though as I know it has effected them in different way."

Nicola, Calon B

Nicola makes face masks for kids and adults - shop HERE




We hope you've found this helpful, maybe you feel less alone now or maybe you've found a product to buy from one of our mums in business. 

Good luck with back to school!

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