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Bee Good's Top Tips for Tired Mums

Whether you’re a new Mum; running around after active toddlers; or in the midst of multi-tasking, ferrying your brood between rugby practise, dance class, and after school activities... one thing’s for sure - you're going to exhausted! Here are a few tips to help you keep revitalised and refreshed for the start of a new year.   1) Eat, drink and vitamin up! During the winter months especially, it's essential to take on board plenty of foods rich in vitamins, essentials oils and minerals rather than ‘fixing’ on sugar. An intake of sugar will certainly give you a quick ‘pick me up’ but very quickly you’ll be feeling lethargic as your blood sugar levels drop and you’ll soon be in need of another ‘fix’. If you really need sugar try some local honey on toast or swirled into yoghurt and gradually wean yourself onto natural sugars as a start point. Honey is a wonder ingredient that is good for your general wellbeing by helping to keep germs at bay, and is a natural miracle worker for your skin.   Ensure you have a good breakfast (don’t skip it – take a piece of fruit and a few nuts at least) to set you up for the day. For lunch top up on mineral rich green vegetables, fish and other protein rich foods, followed by plenty of water. Dehydration can often lead to headaches so make sure that you’re balancing your caffeine intake with plenty of water. It might also be a good idea to top up on vitamins going into this super busy period.  Keep an eye on your iron and magnesium intake and top it up with supplements for extra energy as without enough of these tiredness can easily creep in.   2) A little bit of space and time Even if you’re up to the wire it’s essential that you find a few minutes each day for ‘me time’. Take yourself to another room or step outside for a change of temperature to stimulate your senses; take deep breaths and a moment to relax in your surroundings. Five minutes of calm can work wonders in releasing tension.   3) Give your face and body a well deserved ‘hug’ Skin is often one of the first areas to reflect our tiredness. Whether it’s an increase in breakouts, dark circles under the eyes or dry, parched patches. A few minutes refreshing and brightening your skin in the morning and calming and pampering it in the evening can work wonders.   Try these top tips.   REFRESH & BRIGHTEN TIRED SKIN

  • Cleansing your skin is an essential and vital way to uplift tired and grey looking skin both morning and evening. Using the right cleanser can slough away dead skin cells and nourish and revitalise your skin and it doesn’t need to take more than 30 seconds!


  • Depending upon your preference use a cream cleanser such as our award winning Bee Good 2-in-1 Honey & Propolis Cream Cleanser that when used with it’s muslin cloth will also give a gentle exfoliation and is ideal for removing make-up in a flash. Honey and propolis work in harmony to calm and balance challenged skin, whilst maintaining vital moisture and providing natural skin healers vitamins B, C and E.
  • For an extra skin boost we recommend a double cleanse in the evening and it only takes a couple of minutes more. Gently massage in the goodness to stimulate your lymphatic drainage, eliminating toxins in the skin and providing a well earned pamper in a flash.


  • Short on time – refresh with a micellar water such as the Bee Good Honey & Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water to cleanse skin, tone and lift away light eye make-up. It’s brilliant if you’re in a hurry too as no water is required!
  • Keep it in the fridge and pop a little on cotton wool pads to calm and refresh tired eyes.


  • The eyes have it! A good eye cream can rectify a multitude of sins!

Apply a thin layer of our Youth Enhancing ‘Lift & Brighten’ Eye Cream to brighten the delicate eye area and visibly reduce dark circles.  With propolis, oat and silk tree extracts it’s designed to strengthen the skin’s elasticity over time whilst visibly lifting and plumping on application. If you’ve been chewing your lips anxiously or are suffering from chapped lips, apply it to the lip area too before your lip balm to lock in moisture.  

  • An extra layer of comfort! Serums come in all guises and they really do act as an extra blanket for your skin. Sitting beneath your moisturiser this layer can add huge benefits to supporting your skin in times of stress. Our Youth Enhancing Hydrate, Smooth & Prime Serum is rich in propolis, larch extract and collagen stimulating peptides as well as blackcurrant seed oil. Together they quench and replenish your skin acting as a primer and softening fine lines and wrinkles.


  • We hand it to you! Nothing makes you feel better than to quench dry and parched skin on hands that have been in and out of hot water from constant washing or tired and heavy feet from hours of activity and running around. Grab 5 minutes to cocoon sore and weary hands and feet with the Bee Good Honey,Borage & Echium Intensive Hand Repair. A super intensive multi-use repair treatment for hands, feet, elbows and knees in need of a little extra TLC .

  Take a minute: Whatever you’re up to, remember to spend just one minute before you go to bed to recognise what a brilliant job you have done today! Pop a spoon of honey into hot water... sip...and sleep soundly....

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