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Bye security, hello risk!

So I've had my last day at work just in time for All By Mama's launch on 3rd November. I had a lovely leaving card from my all friends and I've been very lucky as everyone has been so supportive. image Now I am hugely excited about dedicating my time to All By Mama! The feeling of excitement in to the journey of the unknown can't be beat and I love it. I love change, I love a challenge and I have huge plans for All By Mama that I can't wait to get going with. It's the dream for me to be able to use all my skills and my passions to start a business and I feel very lucky that I am able to do it, thanks to a very supportive fiancée. I have never worked harder in my life! I have such a sense of determination that I sometimes scare myself. I think many business owners must feel the same. Of course, it really all comes back to Pippin. Although I will be working like mad day and night I will be able to work around my little man now, pop out for play dates, cuddle on the sofa when he's poorly and be there for bedtime guaranteed. It is on my terms. The decision when to work or play is mine. I didn't find this at all important before having Pippin but since he came along I feel like I want to be in charge of my destiny more than ever before. What I find lovely is that for many of the mamas featuring on All By Mama this is their inspiration too. I love that. I dream of running a family friendly, flexible, business - with customer services open late at night when little ones are in bed and mamas working with us from their homes. So here it goes. The start of something new. And I can't wait.

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