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Doing your own PR and why the current environment shouldn’t stop you

PR is a long game, but it can do wonders for your brand. Managing your PR consistently will make sure your brand is seen and at the forefront of potential customers’ minds. As with any other key areas of your strategy, you likely won’t notice the fruits of PR straight away, however, the power of continuous press visibility can’t be denied.  


We know and understand that the world of PR can seem daunting, however, taking control of your own PR (with a little bit of help and support) is much more manageable than you think it is. And once you get the hang of it, it’s actually very fun and enjoyable. Plus remember, you know your brand inside out so who is better to sell your product than yourself? 


Here we talk about what it can do for your brand and why it’s more important than ever to kickstart your PR especially during these uncertain times.

Awareness, awareness, awareness

Despite the increased digitalisation, traditional press is still very powerful and is an incredibly effective way in raising your brand awareness and getting your name out there. Having the press featuring and talking about your brand will automatically make you look more desirable, plus more people will be aware of the fact that you actually exist and the great things you’re doing. 


Captures a wider audience

Being featured in the press will enable you to reach a wider audience, while simultaneously testing different audiences. You might think you know exactly who your core customer is, but the data you’ll get from the website visitors (and potential purchases) as a result from a piece of coverage might tell you otherwise. 


Supports your marketing

If you’ve got a solid marketing strategy in place that’s amazing, however, if you’re not doing your PR alongside it, then you’re not maximising it. And vice versa. The two go hand-in-hand and need to align in order to function effectively. I.e, if you’ve got a great piece of coverage, communicate it across your relevant channels and extend the right of your win. 


Boost your SEO and your credibility

Being featured in an article online (or in a print article that have been pulled online) means that the article will stay there forever. So when potential customers type in your brand name your press mentions will appear and they’ll be able to click through and read about you. Having the press’ sign of approval will make you more visible in search engines but also more credible. Customers are getting savvier and often they want to research and read about your brand before making that purchase. 


The press needs you

We know that the press landscape can seem intimidating and that the thought of pitching your own brand might sound uncomfortable or unnatural, however, editors are dependent on you to produce content and are always on the lookout for interesting brands and products to feature. You’re simply doing the editors a favour by getting in touch with press. It’s a win-win relationship. 


Small business, big press presence

The press don’t always favour the big players, in fact, they love hearing from great indie brands and businesses. If anything, being a small business can be an advantage in the world of press, and especially right now. During COVID-19, we’ve spotted a high number of features putting the spotlight on independent brands and the media understands that it’s more important than ever to champion smaller businesses across their content.


Saves you pennies

As with anything else you outsource, PR can sometimes end up being a costly affair. However, by taking control of your own PR you’ll be able to save a lot of pennies that you can potentially invest into other areas of your business. 


PR in challenging circumstances?

While it currently isn’t business as usual for everyone, most publications have been working throughout COVID-19 producing more online content than ever to meet with the increased demand for digital entertainment. Many print publications are focusing their current efforts on their digital counterparts and with most commuters staying at home, free weeklies such as Stylist and Time Out are still going, but have temporarily stopped its print production during this time. 


With consumer’s mindset shifting, the press have tailored their approach and focus to what’s going on at the moment and they’re doing what they can to champion small businesses more than ever. 


Despite the current uncertainties, a lot of consumers are still looking for products to buy and the press is still featuring shopping-focused features to cater for this but with a softer messaging. Some editors are also interested in hearing about how you’ve pivoted and adapted and what you’re doing to show your support. 


When pitching to the press, it is important to bear in mind how relevant your products are at this particular time. Lead with sensitivity and be careful about the wording you use in your emails as you don’t want to risk leaving a bad taste or potentially damaging a press relationship.

With the press talking about indie businesses more than ever now really is your time to prioritise your PR.

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