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Fingerprint Daffodil Easter Card, by Mama Laura

Looking for an Easter craft activity to do with the kids? Check this out lovely Daffodil card from Mama Laura. Made by Laura and her six year old daughter. Happy crafting! finished card You will need: 1 x A4 Sheet of cream card 1 x A4 sheet of yellow card Double sided tape Red paint Green paint Yellow paint Pencil Orange Pen Black Pen Paint brush Something for mixing paint on what you need Instructions 1 Cut the sheet of cream card in half length ways to size 29.7cm x 10.5cm. 2 Cut a piece of yellow card 10cm x 14.3cm 3 Cut one of the strips of cream card to 9.5cm x 13.85cm 4 Fold the long strip of cream card in half to make the card base 5 Put the double sided tape on the back of the yellow card 6 Attach the yellow card on to the card base 7 Using a finger dipped in paint make 5 flower petals on the small piece of cream card 8 Colour in the centre between the petals too 9 Add a second flower using the same process, leave to dry 10 Using the orange pen draw a flower shape at the side of the flowers 11 Draw lines from each side of the flower shape to the centre of the painted flower and then draw around each of the petals, joining them in the middle 12 Mix some red and yellow paint together 13 Dip a finger in the paint 14 Fill the small flower shapes with orange paint 15 Get some green paint on the paintbrush 16 Paint stems under the flowers 17 Attach the card once dry on to the base cards and then write an Easter Greeting in black pen at the top (You can write this in pencil first for your child to write over) finished card We hope you enjoy getting creative. Thanks to Mama Laura for the design, you can visit her shop, full of handmade cards here Happy Easter!

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