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Five Social Media Tips for Small Business

Social media is the easiest way of connecting directly with your customer and should be viewed as a key part of your marketing strategy. As a small business running the day to day may leave you feeling stretched, so we have put together our five top tips to make social media work for your business.


1.Create a social media strategy for each of your social media channels.

Your strategy should include content plan, who you plan to target and the reason why your audience would want to follow you.


2. Quality not Quantity.

It is important to build up a credible presence so post content that your audiences will want to see and that connect with. It doesn’t always have to be product shots, it could be content associated with your brand. Good content will help drive engagement and gain a loyal following.


3. Be committed to posting on the days and times that you know the majority of your audience are available.

Posting content everyday is not essential and can turn into white noise. Give your audience a reason to follow you and don’t post for the sake of posting. Consider using a social media scheduling tool if you want to save on time. 


4. Engagement is the key.

Building your ‘tribe’ is essential especially when you first start out. Engage with those accounts that you like and those that have taken the time to engage with you.


5. What channel should I focus on?

While it is important to have a presence across social media, directing your focus across one or two channels will help you reach your key audience. It is worth considering that different audiences may be “hanging out” on different channels for different reasons. For example if your focus is B2B then you may find LinkedIn is your key channel. Whereas Facebook might be best for customer service and Instagram maybe the best place to showcase your brand values or personality.


We hope our tips help you with with your social media!

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