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Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Kids

Stuck on what to get your kids for Christmas? No worries, we’ve got you covered! This year we’ll be showing you all things magical on what Santa can put under the tree, this December.

Top Tips for getting your excitable children to sleep on Christmas Eve:

  1. Get them up early on Christmas Eve - This is key to ensuring they are genuinely tired when they go to bed. You can start their day off on December 24th nice and early, so they will be ready for bed later that night.
  2. Keep them busy – Christmas Eve should all be about making memories. Get in the kitchen and make some mince pies and Gingerbread houses, play games and competitions etc.
  3. Give them a warm bath before bed - A nice bath will help them relax and if they've got some new pyjamas to wear that night, it might encourage them to settle down. 


My Roarsome Book of Big Feelings

My ROARSOME Book of Big Feelings - A Self Regulation Workbook for Kids, £9.99

By Ink and Scribbles 

Personalised Grey Deer Ragdoll

Personalised Grey Deer Rag Doll, £35.00

By Alice and Joseph  

Children's Cupcake Apron

Cupcake Children's Apron, £14.00

By Lilliput Home Designs

Monogrammed Grey and Navy cushion

Monogrammed Grey and Navy Cushion, £40.00

By Stickibox / Atkinson + Turner

Deer Collection Sleepsuit

Deer Collection Sleepsuit, £18.00

By Twinkledust 

Be Playful Panda

Be Playful Panda, £10.00

By Roar Print

 Personalised Car Play Mat

Personalised Car Play Mat / Quilt, £89.95

By Occasional Genius Co

Initial Festive Sweatshirt

Initial Festive Sweatshirt, £15.00

By The Dandies Clothing 

Children's Story Writing Activity Book (paperback)

Children's Story Writing Activity Book (paperback), £9.00

By Little Writing Company



By The Dandies Clothing

3 Month Christmas Gift Sibling Subscription - £46.50 for 3 months

3 Month Christmas Gift Sibling Subscription - £46.50 for 3 months
By Willow & Wild Box  

Silicone Feeding Bib – Oat, £9.50

Silicone Feeding Bib – Oat, £9.50

By Boo Chew

Peter Pan Collar Top, £12.99

Peter Pan Collar Top, £12.99

By Just Kidding

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