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This week we are featuring the very talented Mama Adie. fa2 Here she shares some little snippets about what inspires her...
Hi! I’m Adie. I’m 40 years old and full time mum. Button & Beanie (my daughter’s nickname) came about when I wanted to make something for Beanie for Christmas – I made her my version of a Tilda fox – I’ve never looked back. I have two children, a husband and a dog (black Labrador). I love ice cream, autumn leaves and the sea. I hate rudeness.
Do you have any tips for managing the work/family life balance?
I doubt very much I'm succeeding here. I do try to plan my time so I can manage everyone's expectations. Note to self 'could do better' - any tips?
How did you first start to sell your products?
Lots of cajoling from friends and family and an invitation to share a stall at a Christmas Fair. I started to think that I could perhaps make a business. I started a page on Facebook (I love that you can put yourself out there and not be embarrassed if you fail). I needn't have worried. al1
What are your dreams for the future?
My 'pie in the sky' fantasy is to have a rustic coffee and cake shop in the Dales that I can paint and run workshops from - how amazingly fun would that be (not for the waistline though!)
Do you have any tips for anyone just starting out and learning a craft?
Believe you can do it and be prepared to be brave, work hard and learn from your failings.
CAFSCARD You can find more of Mama Adie's gorgeous creations here.  

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