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How to be Super Mum

Does anyone else feel a constant battle to try and be Super Mum? Tidy house, home cooked food, clean clothes, age appropriate toys, clothes that actually fit (for my small little boy - this is an issue!) - not to mention WORK! Trying to actually keep your career going without working late and earning the money you need to for your kids future... What about looking good?! When did this slip to the bottom of my priority list? I think I used to?! Not sure I can remember the last time I painted my nails or actually wore something that could be considered fashionable. Never mind trying to be a good wife! (I am not actually married but 'boyfriend' doesn't sound right since having my son so I borrow the husband word now and again and it's the same principle I imagine!) As I stumble along trying to work out how to start my own business and therefore essentially planning to work from home - at least to begin with - I often wonder who has it easier when it comes to being Super Mum - the working mum or the stay at home mum. I often think about what is the best option for me... I can never quite decide (I'm a Libra!) I stumbled across this and for me it sums things up perfectly...

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