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How To Continue Selling Your Products or Service

How To Sell Your Services (Without Being Sleazy)


Sales gets a bad rep. Suddenly you start picturing the dad from Matilda trying to con people into buying rundown cars, or a double glazing salesman using dirty sales tactics. 


The problem is if you carry this perspective into your business, you’ll always feel a resistance to selling.


Selling your services is the lifeblood of your business. If you can’t sell what you offer, you just have a very expensive hobby.


But trust me, there’s another way to sell beyond pushy sales tactics and false scarcity.


Whether you're on a sales call, or selling your services online, let’s dive into 6 ways you can sell, without being a slimy sleazeball.



  1. Set Your Sales Mindset


Shed all of your preconceptions around selling. Forgive the pushy car salesman. The person who came knocking as your door pressuring you to buy an inflated duster. The many, many cold emails promising to double your social media followers.


Choose to new sales perspective. 


>> Choose to serve your audience with your solution. 

>> Choose to invite those interested to take that next step with you. 

>> Choose to help your audience understand the benefit of working with you. 

>> Choose to help prospects decide whether your service is right for them.


When you sell from a place of integrity with your clients best interests at heart, selling feels awesome.


  1. Build Know, Like, Trust


Long gone are the days where the biggest ad or the best written cold email led to lots of sales. The world of marketing has changed. We like to know, like and trust before we buy. Therefore it’s not enough just to have one touch point with a potential buyer and they never hear from you again.


Your role as a marketeer and salesperson is to stay in your ideal clients’ world. To keep them hanging around you for long enough that they like and trust you, so that when they’re ready to take that next step you are the obvious choice.


More than anything, make friends. Build genuine connections and the sales will follow. 


  1. Serve Generously


Consider the people you follow online. Why do you follow them? The likelihood is the content they put out is serving you in some way. Maybe it entertains you, helps you with a problem you’re struggling with or is about something that interests you. They begin serving you before you are a paying client.


Show up for your audience and share your knowledge and skillset. Craft content that creates awareness, educates and helps them close the gap to where they want to be. Let go of any fear that if you share your knowledge and skillset, people won’t need your service. Most stuff is discoverable online for the keen Google searcher, so if you don’t share this information they’ll likely go find someone else that does. 


Serve your audience generously with your free content. They will always need help with implementation and that’s when they’ll be reaching out to you.


  1. Invite, Don’t Pressure 

Have you ever felt uncomfortable talking to a salesperson?


Here's one I’ve experienced. Someone said to me, "I'd love to talk to you about how my service can help you. What's your availability like next week?"


The problem here is that I was never given the opportunity to say, "No." They assumed I was interested and then immediately asked for the next step. I felt coerced and they lost my trust.


What can you do instead?


If you want to sell without feeling uncomfortable and pushy, the simplest thing you can do is ask permission:


Would you like to hear about how I could help you with that?

Would you like to hear about what it would look like if we worked together?

Are you interested in hearing a bit more about what I do?


Make it easy for people to say, "No". Trying to sell to someone that doesn't want to hear about your services in the first place is utterly pointless. You have work to do before they might want to hear about what you do.


  1. Sell The Value And Benefits, Not The Features


One of the biggest sales mistakes you can make is to sell the features and logistics of your service, rather than the benefits.


No one really cares about the features and logistics e.g. how long each session each, how often you’ll meet, the catch up calls they get. This stuff all comes after someone truly understands how your service can help them.


Ask yourself, what benefits does my service bring? What results does it deliver? What value do I need to convey? Answering these questions in your marketing will help your audience truly understand how your service can help them.


  1. Use Consistent Calls To Actions


Wouldn’t it be lovely if your audience just reached out to you when they needed your help? This might happen occasionally, but typically you have to challenge your audience to take action.


The number of leads you get has a direct correlation to the number of offers you put out, so make sure you are consistently inviting people to take that next step with you.


What is the next step your audience need to take? Do the need to book a slot in your calendar, send you a direct message, complete a form on your website? Whatever it is, spell it out as clear as day and tell them to take that next step if they’re interested in your service.



Selling is an essential part of running your own business. Sell from a place of integrity and let sleazy sales tactics be a thing of the past.



Gemma Gilbert helps mums in service-based businesses attract consistent clients by nailing their messaging and marketing and learning to sell like a badass. 

Gemma shares client-attracting tips on her blog and mostly hangs out in her Facebook group Mummy’s Got Clients, where you’ll find a load of free video trainings on how to grow your business and a kick-ass community of mums.

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