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How to survive Peppa Pig World!

Last week it was Pippin's 2nd birthday. As he is the inspiration behind All By Mama I wanted to share how we celebrated.   Peppa Pig World Pippin actually really loves Disney's Frozen (and runs around singing 'let it go' at every possible opportunity) at the moment but I'm not quite ready to embark on a trip to Disneyland yet and neither is my bank account, so I have to admit I have purposely tried to get him to like Peppa Pig. I hope I am not the only mum guilty of this sin! Before Pippin was born I always thought I wouldn't buy in to all the franchises (10 years in marketing maybe?) BUT now I have a little boy I realise for the first time just how magical it is to little minds and I don't think you can totally appreciate that pre-parenthood. Well I certainly didn't anyway. I've also found out that having a mini Peppa Pig ambassador can also go a long way to making my life much easier. I can bribe Pippin to drink water if it's in a Peppa Pig beaker or to put his George Pig socks on. Pretty much throughout our whole day Peppa Pig helps me out. From yoghurt in the morning, getting a hoodie over his head before we venture outside or bubble bath at bedtime. We go for a swim and I persuade him to wear his armbands ONLY if they have Peppa Pig on them. You get the picture! So I am now an avid fan of character franchises. And off to Peppa Pig World we went. We had so much fun and I loved every minute of watching Pippin squeal with excitement at all his favourite characters. If I had to summarise the experience I would say it's great fun for any mini pre-schoolers and hideous for anyone else! Here are my top 5 Peppa Pig World survival tips: 1. If you can, go during term time It's an obvious one but toddlers aren't know for their ability to wait in queues 2. Take a packed lunch Why bother to wait in line and choose from a very small selection of unhealthy food? We had Peppa Pig cakes with us, £1 from Asda, and that was all the treats we needed. The food actually didn't look that bad but we saved a small fortune 3. Explore the gardens Don't leave without having a walk around the wonderful gardens. They have the most incredible jungle garden featuring bushes in the shapes of wild animals. Plus lots of bids and owls, waterfalls and bridges to explore. We explored them at the end of the day, Pippin was exhausted and sat in the buggy as we walked around and we appreciated the peace before hitting the motorway. They really are lovely. peppa pig gardens 4. Don't forget the Paultons Park Rides They have a brilliant train ride that goes around the park, a merry-go-round, a little boat ride, diggers that Pippin could ride alone and much more. These rides weren't as busy when we went, some had no queues at all and they were just as fun. 5. Spend some time in the soft play There is a great rocket themed soft play centre in Peppa Pig World and whilst initially I thought that I didn't want to spend half the day at a soft play they had some lovely sections inside and Pippin really enjoyed this part of the day HAVE FUN!! And Happy 2nd Birthday to my gorgeous little boy!

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