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How To Win At Being A World Cup Football Widow?

How To Win at being a World Cup Football Widow? Not interested in the football? You’ve tried sitting there with your other half and all you really get out of them is “get us a beer”. Lets face it, the off side rule is not for everyone and us World Cup widows need to stick together, but how? Here’s are a few ways to survive the World Cup without leaving the house:

  • Start a WhatsApp support group for other football widows. At least now you can be legitimately occupied and he wont be annoyed that you are on your phone.
  • Get your friends over for a barbecue. If he is commandeering the TV, why don't you takeover the garden. It is summer after all. To ensure you have a cracking barbecue try these yummy meat rubs by Spice Kitchen
  • Pamper Party for one. Why not enjoy a little beauty session with these fantastic pamper kits. We love the Soak, Snuggle and Relax Gift Box. It has everything you need to get snuggly and cosy or create beautiful bath water with a heavenly mix of sea, Epsom salt, dead sea salt and, in the finest botanicals with Bath Salt Soak. All scented with essential oils to relax, calm, refresh or detox.
  • Get some well deserved sleep. Unwind with a Fresh Linen Woodwick Candle,  followed with Space Mask
  • Start watching Love Island – the vacuous antics of Megan and Eeeeyal will keep you gripped well beyond the next four weeks

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