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Journey Home - a poem about Motherhood

IMG_2168 Rain and sleet falling on me. The wind is blowing I want to be free. Earth at my feet, reins in my hand. I want to dismount and discover this land. The seasons' are changing, I know where to roam. Each day's a journey to search for my home. The sun is rising, I see light ahead. A new day beckons, I'm not filled with dread. The garden's in bloom, the scent of Spring. Colours are vibrant and hope's in everything. I look to my family, the seas of change. Growing, learning, my life to re-arrange. Each morning, new eyes, awesome wonder to find. Smile, embrace, don't get left behind. As age, we fade, I cease to know. Why we love, and hope, and continue to grow. But bonds they cement us and fill us up. Family, friends.., an overflowing cup. Joy and happiness, life is complete. I realise my home is right at my feet. With eyes afresh, I know what is true. Love's the journey within me, within you. ©@Caz_Preston Mama Caroline uses this poem in here work, you can see more here: Thanks for sharing with us!

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