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Make a Father's Day Medal, The Creative Pair Guest Post

Thanks to Tracey and Chloe of The Creative Pair for this lovely Father's Day make. How to make a Father's Day Medal: You will need: * thick cardboard *ribbon *gold marker *scissors *pen or sharp pencil *tape Step1: Draw a circle on to the cardboard and what you would like to write on the medal (keep it short and sweet) No1 Dad or best dad or maybe a heart or star would be nice. step1image Step 2: With scissors cut out the circle (be careful they can be sharp) step2image Step 3: With a pen or a sharp pencil make small puncture holes around your outline, creating indentations, once complete you should be able to score across with your pen. step3image Step 4: With your Gold marker colour over the front and back of your cardboard medal, if you haven't got a marker pen you could use gold or yellow paints. step4image Step 5: Tape your ribbon to the back of your medal and tie a knot at the top and then present it to you Dad and tell him how special he is. step5image We would love to see your makes!

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