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The making of a handmade lampshade, by Dawn, Girl Friday Embroidery

Bespoke commissions are something I really enjoy. Coming up with a unique design based on the clients notes can be a challenge but I find once you have a starting point the ideas just flow.  I recently put together a lampshade for a baby boys bedroom. The client had requested a mix of greys and pale blues, starting with a grey and white star fabric. The brief asked for elephants and trains. After playing around with some ideas I decided to incorporate a number of playful elephants sitting in or on open train carriages in a number of coordinating fabrics. Once I come up with an initial design I take the fabrics I've chosen and start to cut out pieces. The fabric is all backed with a double sided bondaweb so it can all be ironed into place before stitching. Once the pieces are in place, using a heat erasable pen, I draw on details such as features, and any lines I want to stitch. After the stitching is done, the pen is ironed over and disappears.  Then comes the fun part, stitching the detail. I still love the freedom of embroidery in this way and like to sew using one continuous thread where possible, only lifting the needle to move onto the next area to stitch. After stitching comes the boring bit, cutting all the loose threads and tidying up the piece. Then it's time to start making up the shade. I always use lamp/light shade kits from Dannells and they are so user friendly. In this case I used a 20cm drum shade kit.   A sticky backing is applied to the back of the fabric, this creates the inside of the shade. The fabric is trimmed to size then tape applied to the lampshade rings. Then you start to roll it. Once you have your shape you fold the excess fabric inside using the sticky tape to grip. A tool provided in the kit helps you to tuck in the fabric underneath the rings. I always finish the join with a piece of ribbon.   And my shade is complete! Ready to be popped on a stand and light up the room.   To see more of Dawn's work visit her ALL by MAMA shop here

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