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Making progress

So, the idea of me keeping this blog was a way for me to write about my journey in trying to start-up my own business and then finally once launched continue and watch it (hopefully) grow. What I can't believe is how quickly time is going. We have made a fair amount of progress but I still expected to be a lot further ahead by now.
Lesson one. It will take time.
So - progress report - we have a presentation to take to investors, a template design for the website, a business plan, some potential 'sellers' to approach and a logo / brand 'look and feel'. We are working through the legals. So now to find some investors to present to! I am not hugely experienced in the digital world but I am on a roller coaster, working through the details, and I am learning quickly! At the moment our biggest challenge is finding someone to actually build our website - how many ways are there to do the same thing!! It is all slightly confusing if you don't have the experience.
Lesson two. It is going to be hard work
My current plan is to spend the evenings getting it off the ground, the weekends with Pippin and the week days at work (my 'real' job). However, the biggest lesson I have learnt so far though, due to my total impatience, is just how much work will go in to this. Having the idea is not enough. It's like you start working through what you think you need to do and a million more things pop up on the way. I don't mind working hard, I actually enjoying working hard especially when I am so passionate about what I am working towards.
Lesson three. ENJOY THE RIDE
or else, what is the point?! I feel so passionately about what we are hoping to achieve I don't want to get lost in my race to 'get it done'. watch this space as we are getting closer and closer to launch!!

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