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Meet the Expert: Jamie Day, Blogger and Influencer

Meet Jamie, winner of Best Baby Blog at the MAD Awards, dad to Edie and Arlo and influencer @dayinthelifedad.

We absolutely adore Jamie, read on and you will see why.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I'm Jamie DAY - hence my handle and blog name A DAY In The Life - see what I've done there, clever right? I'm dad/climbing frame/LEGO master builder to Edie and Arlo and I'm also an award-winning blogger – no, really! I won Best Baby Blog at the MAD Awards 2016 (I’m still dining out on that one three years later) and in 2018 I was nominated for Parenting Influencer of the Year in the Little London Magazine Awards.


I’ve got my Play-Doh-stinking fingers in a lot of pies - I'm a freelance writer (including GQ and Vogue), I work as a social media consultant for brands big and small and have been known to dabble a bit, okay a lot, with my own Instagram campaigns.


I've also produced a successful podcast, Man Talk. Using my own experiences with mental health and those of my guests, the show raises men's mental health awareness, removes stigmas and shows other men it’s good to talk and seek help.


I'm interested in fashion, football, music and creative writing, but above all, spending time with my wife Georgia, our dogs and of course our children, Edie and Arlo.



What inspired you to start your business

 I’d been doing a lot of social media work, blogging and much more on the side whilst in a more ‘conventional job’ (I worked in the private education sector), and it got to a point where I needed to make a decision about the direction I wanted to take my career. I love writing, I love social media, I love taking photos, so after a lot of thought (basically countless spreadsheets working out my finances), I decided to take a huge leap of faith to do something I’d really enjoy.


Describe your typical day

Because I work from home, I’m also in charge of the kids. A day starts with the chaos that all parents will know; the dreaded school run. Once I’ve literally thrown the kids through the school/nursery gate (and legged it as fast as possible), I walk the dogs, sort any errands and admin, before getting some work done. Come three o’clock, the chaos returns. Once the kids’ supper, homework, bath time and bedtime is out of the way, I’ll try and get a bit more work done (that said, I’m usually exhausted and just collapse on the sofa with a beer).


Name three words that describes success for you


Happiness, satisfaction, balance



Name three business tips that you would give to yourself, if you were first starting out. 

  1. Brainstorm with someone you trust but not someone with necessarily the same viewpoint. It can be easy to fixate on your own personal POV, but a partner or a good friend will make you consider other ideas, potential problems etc.
  2. Work back from the end goal. Whether your aim is to sell x number of units, solve climate change or live a life of luxury on a yacht in the Bahamas, set targets of how to get there.

  3. If your business doesn’t have many overheads (and let’s face it, so many businesses can be launched from our phones whilst sitting on the sofa watching Love Island), just go for it!



How do you juggle work & play?


Because of a lot of my work involves the kids, I’m privileged to consider my work as my ‘play’. I don’t really see my friends as much as I’d like, but my family comes first and there’s nothing I’d rather do than see them.



What would be your plan B?


I’m actually working on my Plan B, which I hope will eventually become my Plan A. All will be revealed (once I apply my own business tips listed above and just get on with it!)


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