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Sally's, AKA Milk at the Museum, Father's Day gift guide

If you haven't heard of Sally, the wonderful creator over at Milk at the Museum, then you MUST go and check out her blog and Instagram - full to the brim with museum inspo for family day trips.


We asked Sally to pick her top Father's Day gifts from our talented community. Take a look at her choices...


Occasional Genius Co Childs Drawing Of Daddy Personalised Mug



No surprises this is my personal favourite, not only does it give a chance for kids to get creative it’s also a brilliant way for Daddies to treasure their little one’s artwork. 

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The Happy Hive Personalised Adventure Note Book



I was immediately attracted to the front of this book and also such a lovely idea.  Another chance for the kiddies to get creative and a wonderful keepsake that Daddy and the little un can spend time putting together. 

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Red Faces Prints Borough Market Giclee Print

 My husband is a big fan of London so he loves artwork of the city and he would totally dig the vibrancy of this one.  We also have great memories from this area.

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Bella & Bow Men’s Leather Handprint ID Bracelet



Absolutely love these leather bracelets that have the kid’s handprints imprinted on them.  A super cool unique keepsake which would be a total winner with the hubby.

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Ooh & Aah Personalised Father’s Day Giant Choc Chip Cookie


Simply because let’s face it, it’s the way to a man’s heart, this wouldn’t last 5 seconds in our house, there certainly wouldn’t be any sharing but well, it is his day I guess.  

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This Mama Does King of Empty Threats t-shirt



This one purely because it makes me laugh out loud.  Think we dish out about 526,487,284 empty threats in a day so I know this would made my husband chuckle.

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A Year of Dates box



 Ok so this one is for me too because quite frankly us parents need a bit of time out for ourselves.  We all know the strains of children on a relationship so anything that motivates and inspires us to do things together to maintain the spark is a total winner, for both of us.

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Pooter gifts Dad gift book with lovely socks

We are massive fans of reading in our household so the fact that this encourages a bit of Daddy and child reading time is a total plus.  It’s also super cute, the story talks about the little boy’s journey to get Daddy a present.  The happy socks are an additional bonus.

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The House of Airey Personalised Beer Mug

Last but by no means least, this beer mug, simply because it would mean his ale was safe from the hands of mummy.

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Don't forget to give Sally a follow! :)


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