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My Family of Mr Men

So we were lucky enough to go to the Beefeater in Guildford yesterday for the launch of the Mr Men kids menu. It was a well earned and much need four hour break for me! We met Adam Hargreaves and he signed a book for Pippin which was amazing. Such a lovely man. I am going to frame it and put it up in Pippin's room. image (1) Adam Hargreaves was illustrating the Mr Men alongside a storytelling session - what a talent! And what a privilege to watch. image (3) Pippin on the other hand was mainly interested in gathering all the helium balloons he could find, running outside and letting go of them. Slightly awkward. image (4) He had three glasses of squash, went hyper when Mr Tickle and Little Miss Sunshine arrived, ate some breaded garlic mushrooms and then demanded we went home. Standard behaviour really. I was just pleased we avoided a public meltdown. It was touch and go at times - hence the juice! image (2) I was inspired! Here is my little Mr Men family print that I made when we got home for our kitchen walls. image I am very bossy. My fiancée always goes on about how perfect he is. And of course we both think Pippin is a genius. He can count to 10 and sing Baa-Baa Black Sleep all the way through FYI.    

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