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NICK PEKSA JOINS ALL BY MAMA AS NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR   John Gray book “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” highlights perfectly how males and females think and communicate differently. This of course is not just limited to gender, we can broaden the discussion to culture, race, upbringing and experience. Every single one of us is different and unique, so on that note I am pleased to introduce you to our newest Non-Executive Director; Nick Peksa. You might think this is an unusual introduction, however, Nick has just recently entered into a new world surrounded by Venusians, from the corporate world of working almost exclusively with the procurement teams of FMCG and Food retailers. He has switched to become an active member of his sons PTA and has invested a great deal of time connecting and empowering female founders across a diverse number of industries. I asked him "why?" Nick replied “Whilst working in my previous firm, one of the board members opened my eyes as to why diversity and gender are so important to modern business. I was greatly inspired through her insights and empowered by her holistic perspective on business and I believe it is one we all could learn from” Nick was first attracted to ALL by MAMA when he was looking for a personalised gift for his wife. He came across such a unique gift - it was a bear made from the clothes his son wore as a baby. The bear named Macaroni 100, is a lasting reminder which will hopefully be a part of the family for the years to come. Nick went onto explain "The concept of empowering parents and growing a community to support parents / mums working around family life is a fantastic thing to do. I am living that work / life balance myself and treasuring the time with my growing family."  With his eyes wide open, hopefully his Martian perspective and incredible experience will inspire some exciting new ideas and bring additional innovation to the members of the ALL by MAMA network.   PS. Congrats to Nick and his team for completing the London Marathon last weekend, successfully raising over £12k for Charity.



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