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The Story of our Growth

Two years ago, after the birth of my first son Leonardo, I launched the All By Mama marketplace with the vision of bringing together parent run businesses from around the world. I had little idea about how the concept would be received, whether we would be able to find anyone who was willing to take a chance on our idea and sell with us and whether our potential customers would engage with our brand.   Two years later and we have a community of 225 sellers that sell their products via our website, network together and support each other. We feature over 2,500 products, collaborate with some fantastic household name brands and have built an audience of 30,000 across our social channels and database. We've come so far and the exciting thing is that there is so much more to come.   facebook_supportingmums_4   We have now taken the next big step in growing the business and launched an equity Crowdfunding campaign via the award winning platform Crowdcube. We’ve done this to: - Accelerate our growth - Enable us to support the parent run businesses we currently work with more fully - To open our doors to many more parents who are working around family life  

Crowdfunding enables us to give our community and our networks the chance to share in our success and be part of our vision.

s4_crowdfunding_facebook   Love our concept? Want to get involved? We need you to help us spread the word and consider an investment yourself. You can pledge from as little as £10 to own a share in All By Mama and help us to build our network of parent run businesses. If you pledge yourself,  we’ve also got some great rewards on our campaign page such as 10% off at for life! We’ve spent a long time working out how we can best support our community and other parent run businesses all over the world and we are really excited about the opportunity to put these plans in to place.  

You could share in our vision, be part of a growing and ambitious business and support parents who are working hard to run their business around family life.


One of the reasons I am so passionate about All By Mama is because I understand. I have a four year old and a six month old myself. I want to be an amazing mum, the best I can be. I want to be there for my children at school assembly and for after school cuddles. I also have ambition, drive and determination. I had a successful career before they were born. How do those world work together? I understand the work our community put in to their businesses and the products they make, how it often means late nights and juggling dinner time with email answering and how much they love, love, love what they do. How much every single order means. I know the determination and the passion. I understand the need for a supportive community. I understand the drive to success and the values that underpin our seller's businesses. What we represent is happening within our core team and with me. We live and breath the life of our sellers and that's a huge part of what drives All By Mama.

So please do invest in us today (click here) and if you can’t invest yourself please share with your family, friends, colleagues, networks perhaps friends who have children – anyone who might share and support our vision of connecting and supporting mums and dads who are working hard to run a business flexibly around family life. facebook_supportingmums_1   When I started All By Mama I had no idea of the journey it would take and I believe we are the first marketplace for parent run businesses, the potential for our business is huge. We’ve had an amazing first two years, I’ve met Baroness Karren Brady at the House of Lords when we won a business award she judged, we’ve exhibited twice at Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair, we’re working with some amazing brands such as Gymboree, Martinhal Family Resorts and most recently we’ve partnered with Sassy Bloom who you may have seen on Dragon’s Den. We’ve been shortlisted for awards for Best Family Brand and Best Online Retailer amongst the likes of Mothercare and Ocado. awards   We are really proud of what we have achieved and you could now be part of our next steps towards realising our vision. Find out more here. Thanks for reading and we hope you can join us in working towards out vision. Gemma, Mum to two boys and Founder x WARREN HOUSE HEADSHOTS     So what exactly is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the act of inviting investment from a large group of people.  It's a means of funding that allows individuals to make their ideas a reality with the power of the crowd.  The beauty of crowdfunding for us is that anyone can invest. Therefore, it's an opportunity for us to offer everyone who loves All by Mama and supports the ethos of the business the opportunity to have a slice of the action. We’ve chosen to work with the UK’s leading peer-to-peer investment platform CrowdCubeWith a growing 175,000+ investor community and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority you will be in great company. crowdcube-logo

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ALL by MAMA empowers parents to work around family life, offering flexibility, community and value to every one of our sellers. Want to know more about the world’s first marketplace to exclusively cater to and showcase mums (and dads!) in business? Click below.

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