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The Winning as a Mummy Campaign


Ever feel like you’ve spent all day with your little ones but not achieved anything? Tea hasn’t been made and that pile of washing isn’t getting any smaller. Or maybe you took your little ones out for the day, and it was tantrum central?


If this happens what do you do? Do you focus on the negatives or do you look for the positives? Even if they are only small?


Emma and family


Yes tea might not be made, but you got to sit down whilst your little one napped and caught up that Netflix programme you’ve been watching. You may have even had a hot cup of tea. Yes that washing pile isn’t getting any smaller but everyone still has clean clothes to wear. And okay so the trip out wasn’t the best but your little ones napped in the car on the way home and you got more than 5 minutes of peace.


Celebrating those wins, no matter how small is so very important. So important to recongise actually just how amazing you are doing as a mother and so important to your mindset.


When I become a mum I struggled massively with the transition and I put a great deal of pressure on myself and expected to be able to do all of the things I had done before my daughter was born. I’d spend my days focusing on what I had not achieved rather than what I had and this had a detrimental affect on my mental wellbeing. When I changed my focus and began to focus on what I had achieved, rather than what I hadn’t, I began to feel so much better.


Last May I ran the #iamwinningasamummybecause campaign across social media to get mums sharing their mummy wins and to help them realise that they were winning! The campaign was a success and reached over 30,000 people and over 60 mummy wins sent across the three social media channels.


The wins included:


"I managed to hoover the living room and still make it to Tumble Tots on time"

“Today I am winning as a mummy because I just got a relaxing massage” 

“Today I am winning as a mummy because the babies are napping after their play in the sun and I’m getting some ‘me time’ in the sunshine”


So this year from 5th-12th May in between Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week and Mental Health Awareness Week I will be running the #winningasamummy campaign again where as a collective mums will be sharing their mummy across social media.



Mums can get involved with the campaign this year by sharing their daily wins with the hashtag #winningasamummy along with an image of their hot (or likely lukewarm/cold) drink and can also get a free card from the Isabella and Us. website to help share their mummy wins.


The idea is that if we come together as a community, we share our mummy wins and we talk openly about our motherhood experiences that it will help mums feel less alone and help them know just how amazing they are doing because lets be honest, we all need that reminder!

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