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Tips for Twin Mums, from Kerikit Founder Keri Jamieson

First of all, congratulations – you’re having twins! It’s an amazing journey that only another twin or multiples mum will really fully understand. First of all, don’t be scared, having twins is hard but with some good planning and a few tips on what to do and buy you will be just fine! However in total contradiction to the above, don’t feel you have to put a brave face on it because I said so! If you’re unsure of anything or feeling a little overwhelmed, that’s completely natural too, especially if this is your first attempt at motherhood. It’s important to feel connected to the world so sign up to some forums and join online support networks such as Tamba if you can as they have lots of great advise. If it’s more serious than fear of the unknown , speak to your GP as its really important to start this journey with a positive mind. Below I have added just a few tips from my own experiences that I hope you find useful.   Forewarned is forearmed! With knowledge comes power! You get my drift. Before giving birth do what you need to do to help get yourself ready mentally. Only you know whether that is a holiday abroad or re-decorating the nursery. For me it involved moving house! We lived in a first floor flat in London over 3 floors and on a main road. It would never have worked and to get rid of the pit of dread in my rapidly expanding tummy I needed a home I could access easily so I could nest and prepare for their arrival. Turns out we moved in 3 weeks before they were born and I had no kitchen! I do recall calming informing the builders I would cancel my c-section until they got my kitchen fitted which seemed to spur them into action. If you can get your nursery ready, your bags packed and your hospital requirements sorted well in advance then do try to. Twins have a habit of arriving unannounced and early so at least if this is all done you can relax – slightly. If you have the cash book a private room at the hospital. that way you can sleep when they do as on a ward it can be a bit noisy.   Key Purchases. If I could only buy 5 things it would be:

  • Travel cots with raised bassinet option. These are a godsend as it means you’re not bending down to the floor every 5 minutes to pick them up and put them back. You can start with them at a cot height and drop them down when they start crawling. It will quite literally save your back. Also keep them in the lounge at the start so you’re not running up and down the stairs at each nap time (it will also get them used to background noise)
  • Video Monitor - Some people worry they will spend every night looking at it even when their baby is asleep. For us it was a great tool to prevent us from rushing in at the first whimper. We used BT 1000 then the BT 7000. Baby Bjorn Bouncer - Not only is it simple, light and portable, babies love it. Once they are big enough they can make it bounce themselves. if you have your hands full with one of them, there'll always be somewhere safe and comfy for the other to wait. When they're a bit older, you can bottle-feed both at the same time by sitting them both in their chairs.

  • Keri Jane changing bag. I challenge you to find a better multiples bag that looks this good and keeps everything in order. Don’t trust me – check out our testimonial page and see for yourself!

  • Multiples breast feeding pillow – ugly as sin but great if you are planning to breast feed. I managed 5 months and tandem, fed everywhere from breast feeding rooms to the front seat of the car. It hurts like hell at the start as you can’t rest a boob and I cried more than once just at the thought of the next feed. I slathered my nipples in Lanisoh nipple cream and took two paracetamol 15 mins before the feed in the first two weeks till they settled down. They WILL settle down but it’s not easy. Make sure you get as much help as you can from the hospital so you know they are latching on correctly from the start.   Decide what’s important Once you have twins, you won't be able to do everything. It is impossible to maintain your high housework standards and stay sane. If you cannot bear the thought of putting on an crumpled T-shirt, you'll need to decide what else you can live without. Either that or get help! If anyone offers just say yes! Nobody will give you a medal for doing it all by yourself. If someone offers a helping hand show them the ironing or the pile of washing up. If they meant it (which I am sure they will), they will be only too happy to feel they have been useful. Equally important is not to overdo it in the first few days. I would advise against an open house with lots of visitors till you have had time to gather your thoughts and get a few things under control.   Stick to the schedule If you weren't super woman before you soon will be. You have twins now and that means being super organised, super scheduled and super human. Try to get into a routine as soon as it feels natural. The feeding is a good starting point. I found Jo Tatum’s baby secrets book great with my first child and I followed the same guidelines with the twins. It helps you find the nearest natural routine and move on from there. Try to make sure they both have the same routine especially at the start. Mine are nearly two now and I have learnt that Charlie can take only 40 mins to 1.20 on a good day for his nap and just isn’t as tired as Aryella. She will sleep for 4 hours in the day if you let her! If you can get into a routine yourself too then it can be possible to get dressed in the mornings and even have a shower – I recall many 1 minute showers with the two of them sitting facing me in their bouncers.   Get out of the house You can do it and the sooner you try the less daunting it will be. I went to a shopping centre on my first outing with Jasper. It was the perfect place to be as I soon discovered I had forgotten the nappies! A short walk outside is great for you and your babies to get some fresh air and if you can make it to baby and toddler groups they can be a great support network. If you have had twins or more you are in an elite club and you are now also officially a ‘Super-Mum’ Go you! Keri x

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