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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for pregnant mummies

As picked by Lizzie and Rebecca from Maternity Leave Life We know from current experience that being pregnant for the second-time around isn’t quite the same as your first-time prenatal journey. There’s less time for pampering, relaxing and generally looking after yourself. Scrap that, there’s NO time for any of that stuff – we’d be lucky to get a five-minute shower in silence. So a little unexpected gift this Christmas will be all the more special for second-time mums-to-be! pj-mamma_noths_087-550x550 These cosy-looking pyjamas are just what we need for Winter! When nothing fits (and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new maternity lounge wear wardrobe) a pair of comfy PJs will do perfectly. Can we wear this to eat our Christmas Day dinner?   tums-boobs-massage2-rt1-550x550 As bump-oil devotees the first time around, we’re doing our best to keep up the habit for baby number two. And hopefully the essential oils will help with the aim of ‘relaxation’ too.   mix-it-up-lip-duo-gift-pack-group-1000px-800x800-550x550 The perfect little gift for mums on the go! With Winter months in full swing, and a deranged diet of 95% chocolate, 5% vegetables, we’re still waiting for ‘natural’ pregnancy glowing skin to kick in. Trust us, mums-to-be need all the help they can get!   tray-550x550 If there’s any chance of a bit of peace and quiet, a relaxing bath, or some time out to practise our hypnobirthing, a luxury scented candle would be the perfect accompaniment.   bee_good_intensive-hand-repair_with_award_1000_1024x1024-550x550 Excuse us for sounding old before our time, but you can’t beat a good hand cream for a Christmas gift! Most mums will be suffering with dry hands (through multiple nappy changes and non-stop house cleaning) so it’ll always be a welcome treat.  

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