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Using Twitter for your small business, by Digital Mother

Are you looking to make better use of Twitter for your business in 2020?

Then here’s some recommendations on why you should and how to do it:

  • Twitter has 145m monetizable daily active users
  • 93% of people who follow small and medium sized businesses on the platform plan to purchase from brands they follow
  • 69% have already purchased from an SMB because of something they saw on the network


Before you start

If you’re running a Twitter account for your business WITHOUT a strategy, then you aren’t doing social media marketing - you’re just 'doing' social media.

The first part of that strategy is to look at your audience and decide if this platform is right for you. It’s hard to generalise as Twitter is a really flexible platform but it tends to work well if you are a brand selling business to business (B2B), in the education sector or  media/publishing. It has an even spread of demographics but in the UK there are slightly more men than women.


Growing your audience

The most followed account on Twitter is Barack Obama with 112m followers, and major brands spend big money on their social media marketing, so how do you compete?

You need time around 5 hours a week to have a successful Twitter presence.

Optimum posting on Twitter is between 6 and 10 tweets a day.

Wow, that’s a lot, I hear you cry! It is but it is manageable, that number can include retweets, retweeting with a comment as well as your own original tweets. Make sure you are consistent with your posts and tweet at regular intervals, i.e. don’t do 10 tweets at 7am and then nothing until tomorrow!

I would recommend using a scheduling tool for Twitter so at least you can plan ahead for a some of those tweets. If you are scheduling though, you still need to be active on the platform. Check what is trending and see if your brand can jump on that hashtag, for example #mondaymotivation can pretty much be used by any brand but is more likely to be seen if it’s trending.


What do I tweet?

The tweets that get the most engagement have either a photo or a video. You could be sharing your latest product or you could just be retweeting a hilarious gif that you’ve spotted (as long as it fits your brand).

Use polls and questions too, these can really spark engagement and start conversations with potential clients.


Be Social

The key to using any social media platform is to be social! You must be proactive, reach out and have conversations around other people’s tweets. Just think of it as networking but you don’t even have to get dressed!


Ever joined a tweet chat? Search for one that would fit with your brand and join in, they are a highly successful way to get seen by lots of new people and to get heaps of engagement on your account.


So put these three things in place for your business to be successful on Twitter:

  • Plan your social media strategy
  • Be consistent and tweet regularly
  • Be social


This blog was written by Emma Peries, Digital Mother, if you have any social media questions then please drop her a line at

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