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What Dads Really Want This Fathers Day

Do you struggle with Fathers Day Gifts? You've tried originality but always end up with a bottle of plonk and we all know, a Woolly jumper is no no in June. So then what? I have asked some of our favourite Dad Bloggers to share with us their top must-have gifts for Father Day.  

Greg: The London Dad

I am Greg otherwise known as the “London Dad”, I have a daughter called Etta and a little boy called Erza. I am married to the amazing Alice and I am a full time Instadad, between us we run a digital marketing agency called Swayyy . This Fathers Day, I would love:   How often are you awake in the morning frying some bacon, baby on your hip and then the other mini shouts because they can’t pull their head into their jumper? You’re completely distracted and before you know it the bacon is burnt. It’s these everyday things that affect the air quality in your home so much. It’s the unseen things that we take for granted but we found a way to reveal these, take a look at our blog post and video to see more. #ad #breathethedifference  

  • Family Name Pizza Board In love with the family pizza board as this is probably the only meal that all of us can sit down and eat where we don't have to cajole one of the kids into eating food.


  • Personalised Hammer Multi Tool The multi tool because I hate DIY and I normally blow myself out looking for all the relevant pieces of kit that I need for a job and lose interest, this would fix all those problems and i have been after Alice to get me one for ages.



Adam: The Honest Dad

I’m Adam, Dad to Eddison and my blog is The Honest Dad . I write about fatherhood from a normal, dad perspective. Fathers Day is such a hard one when it comes to gifts, but here are a few that’s I’d be buzzing with:    

  • 9 BBQ meat rub tin, because every man loves a BBQ...and it’s a great way to disguise my inability to season meat!


  • Coffee New Dad Gift; I’m such a coffee lover. There’s nothing better than some decent ground coffee. A gift with some variation too!


Jamie: A Day in the Life Dad

I’m Jamie and I’m dad to Edie (5) and Arlo (2). I’m a freelance writer, blogger, editor, podcaster and social media consultant. I can fix-up a darn good pony-tail and have watched every episode of Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures at least 40 times. Here are my top Fathers Day gifts:    

  • Personalised Weekend Holdall Bag I don’t know about you, but I tend to get forgotten about when it comes to baggage. With kids’ paraphernalia and my wife’s entire wardrobe apparently needed for a single night away, I usually end up with the zipped compartment where dirty underwear gets stuffed in on the way home – you know the one. Well not anymore… this holdall is great; it’s the perfect size, it looks cool, but best of all, it’s personalised, so there will be no need to mix my clothes with dirty undies anymore.

  • Silver key ring with actual handwriting This lovely keyring would sit perfectly alongside the keyring I received last Father’s Day… a miniature Chewbacca. Although I’m fond of that one, this engraved handwriting one would definitely feel more sentimental, and hopefully wouldn’t roar at me when I sat on it.



Mike: Daddy Freckle

Hello my name is Mike. I am a daddy of two little ladies, Florence (4) and Edith (1) . I approach most things; blissfully unprepared but full of excitement. That pretty much sums up my approach to parenting which as luck will have it will be the theme of my blog Daddy Freckle. Day to day I work in the NHS and love my job. The perfect gifts I would recommend for father's day are:   Loud noises. That's what has surrounded me this weekend. Very loud high pitched ear splitting noises. And then the weekend ended. To soon, to early to feel refreshed. And with sleep now taken hold of the pneumatic drills @mother_freckle and I co-produced I am taking in the falling of the sun and the rise of the night in the conservatory, listening to music and watching bats flying overhead. #peaceatlast #quietplace #peaceful Clothes from @joebrowns  

  • Daddysaurus mug I love dinosaurs. You don't get enough dinosaur inspired stuff for dad's so when I see something I am having it


  • Personalised Family portrait . The walls in our house are bare and we need more pictures on there. I've seen these in action and they look great


Connor: Dads & Don'ts

So I am Connor known as @dadsanddonts and the writer of the blog dubbed 'the parenting insights that no one actually asked for'. This will be my 4th Fathers Day now and I do love it especially trying to get a photo of me with both of the kids which has become a bit of a tradition.
Has anyone else packed away the light clothes and was therefore a bit hot today?!?! Got a stressful week ahead as we need to move house again!!! (Long story) so a week of intermittent work and estate agent sales patter awaits. Anyone here Hampton Hill/Teddington Way and able to tell me what its like family wise?
My must have gifts for Fathers Day are:
  • We have alot of 'craft' that particularly Dahlia has done saved in a scrapbook but it would be amazing to have some that is just for me that I can take with me anywhere.


  • A practical yet indulgent pampering present which I would love.




Tim: Dublin Dad

My name is Tim (short for Timur) and I'm from Dublin, Ireland. Sometimes, I like to illustrate my active “dadding” lifestyle in my Instagram profile @dublin_dad. My son’s name is Alen and I simply love him to bits. I still remember how I couldn’t wait to become a father after my wife had told me that she was 3 weeks pregnant. That was the beginning of a new and exciting journey for our young family. He has completely changed our lives and honestly speaking, it's an ongoing joy of being a dad.
My family and I love to travel and explore new places, both internationally and domestically. So far, Alen has visited many destinations (such as Kazakhstan, Greece, Austria, Germany) and currently, New York city is in active discussion so we’re hoping for that to happen soon. Fingers crossed.

For this reason, I would like to highlight two gifts that would be perfect “for dads”, especially if they love to travel like us.
  •  Personalized Europe Travel Map With Pins - this would be a perfect gift, as the dad can actively pin-point all the destinations that the family have visited so far with a certain colour. Those places that are “lined-up” can be marked with a different colour. I would certainly find this gift ideal for me.
  • Superdad Sweatshirt - is another great idea for a gift “for him”. It looks so comfy, stylish and easy to wear with anything. I believe there is a slight trend for those sweatshirts among dads nowadays, so in order to keep up with the fashion, i would also find this gift fantastic.




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