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Mama Genna
  Milton Keynes
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As a child there was nothing I liked more than hearing the clattering of the letterbox to find a hand written letter on the mat adorned with an eye-catching postage stamp. Fast forward a few decades and after several weeks of puzzling over what to put on a blank wall in our house, Signature Stamps was born. For me, postage stamp art was the perfect solution; colourful, but not too garish, quirky but not too eccentric, unique but not too obscure. I’ve always appreciated stamps as miniature works of art. I use both recent and vintage stamps in my pictures; no two pieces are the same – completely and utterly unique!

After having my second child, I realised that I yearned a change in career after 15 years in the ‘corporate’ world. Signature Stamps has given me the flexibility I’ve needed with a young family and is quenching my creative thirst (and my children love playing matching games with my stamp collection too!)

What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted a piece of original art for a wall in my home. It had to be bright, colourful and interesting to the eye. Postage stamps came to the forefront of my mind. They are little works of art I have always loved. I used them to create a collage that worked perfectly. Around the same time, I was re-evaluating my career, looking for a change in direction that meant I could spend more time with my family…Signature Stamps was born!


Have you always been creative?

People have often told me I’m creative and weren’t surprised when I started a handmade business. As a child, I would cover my bedroom walls and wardrobe doors with collages I’d made from photographs and memorabilia!


Tell us a little bit about your favourite product.

My butterfly pictures will always be special to me as they were the first product I launched, but as part of my Christmas range, I made brass framed tree decorations with vintage Christmas postage stamps inside. They were unique, and it was lovely to see an idea I’d had in my head for months turn out so well!


Tell us a little bit about you and your family

My husband and I have 2 children. Nico is 6 and loves dinosaurs and Evisa is 3 and loves butterflies! They refer to my work as ‘stamping’ and enjoy looking through my stamp collection, when I’m happy for it to get a little bit muddled, that is! We also have 4 fur babies in the form of Norwegian Forest cats.


Do you have any tips for managing the work life balance?

Take a step back every now and then and write down all the things you’ve achieved in both your work and family life. When I’m having a day where I haven’t achieved what I wanted, it always helps me realise that I have come a long way!


Where do you work from?

I’ve stolen a corner of the children’s playroom as my office! It means I can still be with them while I’m working, and they feel part of Signature Stamps, but it can also get a little noisy at times.


What are your dreams for the future?

I want to expand my product lines, and in particular, I’m working on offering personalised stamp collages. I’d also love to show people that postage stamps are beautiful and fun and not just something that should be hidden away in an album never to be looked at!


How do you find time to relax?

Sorting stamps helps me to relax, which is just as well as I have literally thousands to get through!

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