Gift Box of Happy Keyrings

by Find My Happy



Product Description

Find My Happy is a project from my heart and follows the concept of pockets of happiness. These packs include little keyrings that say “happy”, they come with a tag attached and the idea is that they are left in random places for people to find, sometimes referred to as a “Random Act of Kindness”. Where they differ from just leaving something behind, the journey and stories of finding them can be followed and shared using the unique number on the tag and logging on to the Find My Happy website. The journey it makes can be seen every time it gets logged using the unique number on the tag each time, building up a lovely story as it travels.

The tags reads; “This keyring is a gift, a little pocket of happiness. Keep, re-hide or pass it on, it’s up to you. Please do spread more happiness by sharing where this was found or stories of giving/receiving, reasons for keeping it and any plans for its next destination”

Happy keyrings come in packs of 2, 5 or 10 with a description and instructions that read:
“These keyrings are a way of spreading little pockets of happiness to other people’s lives. A “happy” keyring and tag is left for someone to find. When found they can be kept, re-hidden or given away; a pocket of happiness that can be spread far and wide

The keyring on top of the box is for you to keep the rest are for you to enjoy the gift of giving!

Optional Instructions;
1 Take a photo of where you leave the happy keyring
2 Go to upload the photo leaving as much information as you wish as to its location
3 Track if/when it gets found and where it goes next using the unique number on each tag.

“In every day, no matter how hard, there is always a pocket of happiness to be found” – Annie Oxby

Created in 2016 and inspired by my Mum, it is the way in which I coped with losing her to Motor Neurone Disease. (10% of profits go to Motor Neurone Disease Association)
We would often phone or message each other with “having a happy pocket” meaning we were enjoying the moment or seen something good in the day. It is a great coping strategy where you look for “pockets of happiness” this is basically seeing a good thing in each day no matter how small or insignificant to anyone else! It is a powerful way to cope with grief, depression, anxiety…it fixes none of them but certainly helps.

We cannot guarantee all keyrings are logged, as it relies on the people that find them, but we do know how much fun and happiness they can bring just from the pure act of leaving a little bit of happy.

Pack of 2 £4
Pack of 5 £7.50
Pack of 10 £10
Single £2.50

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Single, Pack of 2, Pack of 5, Pack of 10


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