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How to start a business around family life - LAUNCHING SOON

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Thinking of starting a business? Something that gives you the flexibility you need and works around family life?

Need some help coming up with a business idea or validating the one you have? Or do you have an idea but need some help with the practical side of what to do to get started and generating your first sales?

We've been supporting mothers in business for the last five years. We understand the reasons that drive you to want to start a business - flexible working, the cost of childcare, the rise in dual income households, the desire to do something for you, to follow a passion when you have limited time. 

We also understand the barriers - things like confidence, knowledge, funding and the need for visible role models.


This course will help you to:

  • come up with a business idea that's perfect for YOU
  • validate that idea
  • follow the steps you need to get your business up and running
  • drive sales and awarenss for your business
  • become part of a community of other women in business - all there to support you


We've designed a self-paced, easy to do from home, course that will help you

to start a business around family life.



At the end of this course, you should have a business idea that you know how to validate and a clear route to market.


Actionable tips and exercises in each module will guide you through how to do this. Our excerises a short and easy to complete from home, in nap time or while the kids are at school. 


You can start the course in your own time and  you'll have access to the content for six months so you can refer back. It's an online course, so you can take it from the comfort our your home, in the evenings or during the day. You can complete the course in a full day or two or you could dip in and out to suit you. It's full of short, digestable modules that work  around a young family.

When you buy one of our courses, you'll also receive access to our new Facebook Network and our free membership community - we will send you a weekly email packed full of advice to help you grow your business and you can attend Instagram  lives from our carefully curated panel of experts all for free.


Module One: Your business idea

  • Exercises that will help you to come up with your own business idea
  • How to make sure that idea is perfect for you
  • How to make that idea uniqie and different from your competitors


Module two: Valiadating your idea

  • How to make sure your business idea will make you money
  • How to test if your customers will shop from you (product businesses) or work with you (service businesses)
  • How to define your ideal customer


Module three: Business Basics

  • How to step up your company
  • Registering a Ltd company at Companies House
  • Financials & Funding 
  • Terms and Conditions / Legals
  • Building a website
  • Designing your brand & logo
  • Defining your brand values and your mission
  • Writing your Yr 1 objectives
  • Time management
  • How to make it work around family life


Module four: Finding Customers

  • Launching your business 
  • How and where to find customers 
  • How to create a marketing plan for Yr 1
  • How to make your first sale
  • Staying positive & being part of a community 



This course has been written by Gemma Whates, founder of ALL by MAMA. 

About Gemma: Prior to launching ALL by MAMA, Gemma worked for 10 years within shopper and retail marketing agencies for brands such as Disney, Musgraves and Premier Foods. The majortiy of this time was spent at Disney, working within their retail team to launch major film and franchise releases at retail. She worked closely with the major grocers and online accounts, developing a deep understanding of how to plan a year at retail around product launches and seasonal occasions and how to market to mums. After having her first son, Gemma launched ALL by MAMA in 2015 from home, alongside raising her son. Since launch, she's grown ALL by MAMA to be a six figure business, raised £250,000 of equity investment, has a team of four supported by three Non-Exec Directors and has grown a community of mothers running a business alongside raising a family. Working closely with some of these businesses over the last five years, Gemma has developed an understanding of what it takes to start a business as a mother .


If you would like to work with Gemma, you can book a power hour here.

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