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Itsy Blitz Baby Food Portable Weaning Blender with Bowl & Spoon

Product description

The only baby food blender you'll ever need.

Is your baby approaching that exciting milestone - weaning?  Or are you just sick of spending a fortune on jars & sachets of baby food?

Fear not - the Itsy Blitz portable baby food blender is here!

Take control of your baby's diet with the Itsy Blitz.  Convenient & stylish enough for the kitchen, and portable enough to take with you wherever the day takes you.

  • No more batch cooking for hours.
  • No more late night trips to the shop.
  • No more special restaurant requests.
  • Just honest, homemade baby food.

🥄 TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BABY’S DIET – Take the portable Itsy Blitz blender with you, wherever the day takes you!  Make what you want, when you want with complete freedom!

👶 HEALTHY & HOMEMADE – Make fresh, healthy and homemade baby food in an instant.

👜 PORTABLE & CONVENIENT – handheld and portable, the Itsy Blitz is so portable and lightweight, it can fit in a handbag or changing bag no problem!

💰 SAVE TIME & MONEY – The cost of ingredients for a small portion of baby food is pennies compared to big brand jars & sachets – so go, save a few quid!

🥣 DISHWASHER SAFE – Easy to clean – simply wipe down the main blender with a damp cloth and pop the blade, spoon and weaning bowl into the dishwasher.

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