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Mother's Day 'Love For The Mama' Pamper Box

Product description

Show some 'Love For The Mama' who deserves more than a little TLC for Mother's Day, a birthday or just because.
Let her know how utterly appreciated she is with this stunning gift box full of luxurious treats just for her (no sharing!) and insist that she run along and run a warm bath, alight her Super Mama custom made candle, pour a cup of LOVE Tea and take herself, her face and eye pack and organic chocolate upstairs for an hour of pure decadent relaxation.
After a lovely soak she can be welcomed by a soft fluffy pillow enriched with her new Lavender Pillow Spray for a blissful night of slumber, awaking the next morning to the excitement of award winning new beauty products such as DR Paw Paw peach pink multi-use balm and haircare balm!
Treat a special lady now and make her feel amazing... It's the least we can do. After all, without her, where would we be?!!

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