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Multiplication Square Homeschool A3 Poster

Product description

Add this multiplication square homeschool A3 poster to your children's bedroom or playroom to make learning maths fun and colourful!

This cheerful poster makes learning your times table visually bright and entertaining.

If you're currently homeschooling then this range of educational posters are perfect to bring your lessons to life.

Printed onto fabric vinyl they are removable and reusable, so peel and stick onto your walls as and when needed for each class.

Ideal for rented homes, the playroom, your children’s bedroom or lounge.

Apply your poster to any clean, smooth surface that is free from dust and grease. Think walls, doors or furniture.

There is a range of nine homeschool posters, all designed with similar colours to compliment each other and look great when paired together. See the related products for the full collection.

Made from high-quality fabric vinyl. All Nutmeg Studio’s wall stickers are made in Buckinghamshire.

A3 poster - 29.7 x 42cm

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