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My Little Book of Worries - An anxiety workbook for kids

Product description

Support and emotion coach your little worrier! Worries are normal but can become overwhelming for children. Many children mention they have worries, but a little explanation and guidance from The Little Book of Worries can really help when they start to impact everyday life!

My Little Book of Worries is perfect for you to use to help your child understand why they worry, to recognise the signs of worrying and guide you both ways they can manage their worries using their rational thinking brain.

The book features two characters (Roaring Dinosaur and Wise Worry Owl) who help your child understand anxiety and how to tune into their rational thinking brain.

Designed for children approx 6 - 11 years.

Content includes:


  • recognising how our body feels when we worry, so children can identify a need for support sooner
  • identifying calming techniques
  • worry busting questions to help keep worries in perspective and under control
  • preparing for worries by planning responses to small, medium and big worries
  • my worry bubble, teaching children a visualisation technique
  •  learning how making a plan to deal with a worry, can make it feel smaller and under control
  • learning coping strategies to manage worries 
  • encouragement to tune in to the 'thinking side of the brain' for specific worries (15 pages of What does my Wise Owl Say?)
  • worry Action plans ( 15 pages of My worry Action Plan to deal with specific worries)
  •  Use skills learned to work more independently on identifying worries and planning positive actions

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  • FSC 120gsm internal pages
  • FSC 300gsm silk covers
  • Wire binding
  • A5 sized
  • Suitable for ages 6 - 11years
  • This item is dispatched within 3 business days of ordering, often sooner.
  • DISCLAIMER - My Little Book of Worries is for general use and guidance only. It does not in anyway replace the advice and help of a medical professional or therapist. It has not been created for children with severe anxiety, or those that require therapy. Please, always see your medical provider if you have concerns about your child's mental health.

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