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My ROARSOME Book of Big Feelings - A Self Regulation Workbook for Kids

Product description

An emotional regulation support workbook for kids who struggle with big feelings.

Emotions can easily overwhelm young children who are learning to regulate their feelings. This A5 workbook has been designed for parents to teach their children about big feelings, why we feel them, explore emotional triggers and how to manage them. This unique book has been designed with cute dinosaur graphics throughout to appeal to younger children. With this structured book, children will develop emotional intelligence, self awareness and learn to identify feelings. Research shows that writing or drawing about emotions can help children process and manage their big feelings.

My Roarsome Book of Big Feelings is a space for children of approx 5 - 10 years old to learn about big feelings such as anger, anxiety, frustration, jealousy etc.
It includes a range of activities, including:
- describing big feelings with words to reflect on their perception of challenging emotions
- identifying their own physical responses to big feelings
- identifying triggers to develop self awareness
- feelings that lead to anger and understanding emotional layering
-CBT values that teach children how thoughts and feelings are linked and how they can use that to feel calmer
-identifying their angry 'actions' and thinking about how helpful they are
-identify appropriate responses to a range of big feelings that work for both parent and child
-how positive thinking can support them during big feelings

The Book contains journal space, where children can process their big emotions through guided questions. There are double page spaces for 21 entries. This journal section can be used specifically for reflecting on a big feeling, rather than daily journaling.

The Roarsome Book of Big Feelings features 6 action plans for children to plan their responses to common big feelings that often underpin anger or big reactions, encouraging children to take control of their big emotions.

After the activities, the notebook contains some free space for children to express their big feelings through writing, drawing or doodling in My ROARSOME Angry Draw and Scribble Space. The book encourages children to use the space as a calming technique to prevent angry outbursts or as a reflective space of their own. Each page features an encouraging message or affirmation to boost self esteem.

116 page workbook.
Printed in the UK.

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  • usually dispatched within approx 2 days 
  • 300gsm silk card covers
  • A5 
  • Perfect for approx 5-10 year olds
    For general use and guidance only. It does not in anyway replace the advice and help of a medical professional or therapist. Please, always see your medical provider if you have concerns about your child's mental health.

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