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My Worry Journal

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The Worry Owl Journal that empowers your child to manage anxiety and develop resilience!

Does your child get overwhelmed with worries? Do they struggle to go to sleep because of anxious thoughts? Do they find it hard to tell you their thoughts face to face? Are you looking for a way to understand their worries and support them?

'My Worry Journal' is a unique journal for kids who feel worried or anxious AND their parents. It's creative concept helps parents communicate with children through a 'Worry Owl'. Parents can understand their child's thought process through the book and allows them to communicate with their child through the Worry Owl! A child friendly rhyme at the start of the journal (see images), explains the concept to your child.

The Worry Owl is a cute character that children can tell their worries to in their journal, by writing a note to them on a structured, double page for daily entries. Your child can take their worry from their minds and place it on paper, which in itself is a useful strategy! Your child can colour a bar to show the extent of their worry and then the Worry Owl will ask them to think about what their worry is trying to protect them from, as well as encouraging them to question the worry with a positive outcome. Finally there is space for the Worry Owl to reply with some helpful advice or support! We suggest leaving the journal by your child's bed so the Worry Owl (a.k.a YOU!) can reply overnight. 

Wrapped in tissue paper as standard, and accompanied by a note from The Worry Owls, any little worrier will love receiving this beautiful journal.

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  • 120gsm FSC white paper
  • 300 gsm silk card cover
  • recyclable wire binding
  • Dispatched in approx 2-3 days
  • Includes a letter of encouragement from The Worry Owls!

As featured in the Indy Best Journals for kids to write and draw in!

DISCLAIMER: This Worry Journal is a supportive tool. Please always seek professional medical advice if you have serious mental health concerns.

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