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How to write a marketing plan

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Want to be more organised in 2020? Create an entire year of activity for your business? 

When you find the time to plan ahead for your business, become proactive instead of reactive, it pays dividends. 

We know it's not easy to find time when you're dealing with the every day demands of running a small business and raising a family.

But even a little bit of planning for the year ahead will help you to:

  • increase sales
  • connect with your audience
  • take away an element of stress and panic


We've designed a self-paced, easy to do from home, course that will help you create

a year long marketing calendar for your business 


This course will help you to create a marketing strategy for your small business. It will take you through your marketing  objectives, strategies and tactics - explaining the difference in a clear and easy to understand way.


Actionable tips and exercises will guide you through creating a personalised year long calendar of activity for your business for 2020 and beyond


The course content applies to both product and service based businesses.

You can start the course at any time of the year, and plan a year ahead - it's about getting organised, understanding retail patterns and marketing techniques and creating opportunities to sell and connect

It's an online course, so you can take it from the comfort our your dining room table, in the evenings, during the school day or nap time. You can complete the course in a day or you could dip in and out to suit you.

When you buy one of our courses, you'll also receive access to our Facebook Network and our free membership community - we will send you a weekly email packed full of advice to help you grow your business and you can attend Facebook lives from our carefully curated panel of experts.


Modules One: Objectives

  • What are marketing objectives and why they matter
  • How to set marketing objectives for your business
  • How to define the problem you are solving, your brand values, your vision and what success means to you


Module two: Strategy

  • What is a marketing strategy and why you need one
  • Your brand / small business positioning
  • How to define your ideal customer


Module three: Tactics

  • What are marketing tactics and what ones could you use for your business
  • How you can encourage people to engage, conect and buy from your business
  • Product or service launches - how to plan for them at retail
  • Understanding key seasonal occasions in the retail calendar
  • How to run competitions, promotions, giveaways
  • Understanding partnerships and colloberations 
  • When you might want to think about holding a SALE


Module four: Your retail calendar

  • How to complete a retail calendar for your business
  • What to do with 'gaps' in your year 
  • Techniques you can use to help you stick to your plans



This course has been written by Gemma Whates, founder of ALL by MAMA. 

About Gemma: Prior to launching ALL by MAMA, Gemma worked for 10 years within shopper and retail marketing agencies for brands such as Disney, Musgraves and Premier Foods. The majortiy of this time was spent at Disney, working within their retail team to launch major film and franchise releases at retail. She worked closely with the major grocers and online accounts, developing a deep understanding of how to plan a year at retail around product launches and seasonal occasions and how to market to mums. After having her first son, Gemma launched ALL by MAMA in 2015. Since launch, she's raised £250,000 of investment and has grown a community of mothers running a business alongside raising a family. Working closely with some of these businesses over the last five years, Gemma has developed an understanding of how to apply her retail knowledge to small business. Gemma also has an HND in Marketing Communications and a Diploma in Promotional Marketing.


If you would like Gemma to look over your retail calendar, you can book a marketing clinic via our business hub here.



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