Santa’s Delivery Note

by Tilly Fudge Design


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Product Description

Keep the magic of Christmas alive by leaving a delivery note from Santa for your children to find on Christmas morning.

The note is a double sided A6 card with a cute little poem on the front signed by ‘S. Claus’ and delivery details on the back.

‘Santa’ (you!!) just need to fill in the child’s name & then fill in his delivery details on the reverse….how he entered the house… what time…. did he clean up his snowy footprints???

Place the card where you feel it will have the most impact and magic on Christmas morning.


Each pack contains-

*a double sided card

*silver sprinkles

*brown kraft envelope stamped with a reindeer


*****Last day for orders to be received for Christmas Eve is Monday 18th December***


3-5 Days