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Christmas Cards

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These cards are thick good quality card. Each pack pack has 6 of the same cards in it and 10% of profits from the cards go to charity. Please see their sizes below.

They are printed on top quality card.

Most recent charity donation was to Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (mental health charity)

Choose from the following designs: 

mistletoe range: penguins and baby (7x5)

Mistletoe range : penguins (no baby) (7x5)

mistletoe range: Rockhopper penguins (7x5)

mistletoe range: elephants (7x5)

Hare with star (A6 cards)

Puffin with star  (A6 cards)

Puffin with presents  (A6 cards)

feather ballballs  (A6 cards)

Robin with mistletoe (square card 14 cm squared)

They are nomally £9 but are £1 off for this fair.

The six cards in the pack are all the same. Some of the photos look like a single card but thats to just show the design - it is for 6 cards.

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Christmas Cards

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