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This Is My Holiday Children's Memory Book

Product description

I designed and created this book, it's purpose in life was two fold, first to stop your child getting bored during those less than brilliant moments that occur on every holiday, and secondly to prevent the holiday blues from becoming a thing.

To complete the book the holiday has to have ended and having to decide which parts of the holiday you enjoyed most is a great way of coming to terms the holiday being over.

Ultimately it's an activity book that they really enjoy filling, it's got prompts so they know what to do, but it let's them be creative and makes them feel very grown-up and important.

It encourages them to take ownership of their holiday experience rather than feeling the loss of it once it's finished.

Once they've worked their magic on it, and hand it back to you, you've got a completely one of a kind keepsake that captures a moment in your family life in a truly unique way.

The focus is offering a fun and simple way for children to celebrate one of the most important experiences in their lives so far.

The book is designed to work regardless of the type of holiday, and to be filled with words and pictures including questions about the journey, where they stayed and what the favourite thing they ate was.

Parents will be reduced to tears (of laughter mostly) when they are handed the completed book.

Pages to Complete: 10

Ages: 3-8

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