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I’ve named this side of my company after my girls ‘grace & flo’, they are my inspiration and my harshest critics. I’ve developed and expanded my range of children's illustrations and others are in the pipeline. My watercolours are now a permanent feature on my desk rather than a guilty pleasure - oh how I have missed those. I still do corporate work, logos and brochures and now I help a lot more smaller businesses get their brand out there but oh how lovely it is to create something special that can be cherished, framed, become a keepsake or spark a memory from paper.

About Grace & Flo

Hi, I’m Jo. I’m mummy to two wonderful girls, a wife and graphic designer. I grew up and still do live in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Don’t believe all the press, it’s a fantastic place to live; full of friendly, down to earth folk, beautiful countryside and rich in history. We're not called the creative county for nothing.

I’ve worked for myself for 11 years now. Most of what I do is corporate but with the arrival of my girls I slowed the business down and kept it ticking over whilst we had cuddles, giggles and made memories. Now they are both at school it’s time to get it back on track! Sitting down to write a marketing plan for my world domination in graphic design and print I suddenly realised I didn’t have to do it the same as before, I could take this opportunity to try something new!

I’ve been a graphic designer for over 20 years now. In that time I’ve lost count of the amount of friends I’ve done wedding stationery for, birth announcements, birthday cards, surprise party invites and illustrations. They’re not something I have ever pushed or sold but I must be doing something right as they keep coming back!


Mama Top Tip

Know your worth! Don't undercharge because others do. Get your costings right from the start. You might love what you do but you can't live on just that. Work out what you need to live on and the hours you want to work. Work out an hourly wage and the amount of work you need to get you there. Be realistic and value yourself.

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