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Ink and Scribbles

Ink and Scribbles is a child wellbeing and parenting focused business, creating products that help parents connect with their children and support them emotionally.

About Ink and Scribbles

Hey, I'm a mum raising a highly sensitive, anxious 10 year old and a (usually) gentle, sweet 4 year old, who are the inspiration behind Ink and Scribbles ! I'm a qualified primary school teacher and taught for 10 years before we emigrated to Australia, where I worked as an educational support worker. We're living back in the U.K now and I'm  currently studying NLP,  alongside 'mumming' and running Ink and Scribbles! Coffee powers me through the wonderfully chaotic days I spend with my young children. I also love all things literacy related and am passionate about the power of words on wellbeing, hence my range of workbooks.

The link between Parenting and Kids wellbeing is something I'm passionate about. I believe raising children is beautiful, challenging and something to be done consciously because of the enduring impact we make. My mission is to empower mamas to be the parent THEY believe their child needs, raising them to be emotionally fit.

Mama Top Tip

Breathe. And remember, they need you. Just you! 

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