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About KeriKit

With my first child Jasper I went in search of a changing bag. But, having scoured the market I couldn’t find anything that was functional whilst still fashionable and long lasting. I gave up, used an ordinary ugly black twill bag and then went back to work. Then the twins showed up! Again I went on the hunt for a suitable (and this time larger) changing bag but was left frustrated and uninspired. I wanted a bag big enough to keep everything needed for Jasper and the twins. However I did not want to lose my identity and become just another mum! I wanted to feel good and have a bag on my arm that represented me as an individual.

This led me to launch KeriKit Ltd. Using my wealth of knowledge and understanding of the market, I have worked hard to try and create beautifully made handbags that are functional, luxurious and fashionable but also bags that change with you as you go through life. These bags cater for business women, mothers and any lady who knows a good bag when she sees one, and doesn’t want to conform to buying another ‘ordinary - run of the mill’ bag.
The IRO (Internal Removable Organiser) is a handy little liner for the bag - which holds all your bits and bobs, be it baby bottles or water bottles, nappies or a laptop, clothes or trainers etc. It can also be removed to wipe clean or when no longer needed. Your KeriKit bag then returns to being a gorgeous oversized handbag.

My bags were created, born and raised in Pott Shrigley, using the finest Italian leathers. I really hope you love my products as much as I do and you find them as useful as intended.

Mama Top Tip

Make sure you believe in what you are producing and try to use past experience to help with your business. Launching something you have never done before could be risky but doing something you know but doing it better is far simpler.

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