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Mobiles and Decoration featuring exquisite Origami shapes, beautiful colours and natural wood. little.B is a sweet collection of handmade beauties for the nursery and everyday life with babies and toddlers. Offering a range of décor, play and care items, all beautifully handmade from natural materials, this UK-based brand offers a personal touch whether you are looking for mobiles, playmats, wooden toys and more. little.B’s signature product is their beautiful mobile. Available featuring origami birds, boats and floating windmills, the mobiles are made using untreated natural pinewood and beads, FSC certified paper and waxed cotton cords. The beautiful, folded paper adds a unique and colourful touch. The love for wood and paper, as well as origami, continues throughout the collection with decorative garlands that also function as toys, teethers and rattles. You’ll also find a host of beautiful textiles, from origami playmats to baskets, handy pockets to fix to cots, nappy clutches and burp cloths.

About little.B

All items are handmade to order in my home studio in North London. With a background in art, fashion and design, when I became a mama I dived into crafting beautiful things for my little B starting with the first ever mobile of the range, then a little 3 in 1, then a play gym and so on as my little boy was growing, the products were growing and evolving with him.

When friend after friend asked if I could create the same for them, it was clear that my beloved simple origami shapes in beautiful colours and natural wood appealed to others – and the idea for little.B was born!

2 years on now, I am still folding little papers and LOVING it!


Mama Top Tip

Remind yourself everyday that you are doing an AMAZING job!

Being a mum is tough and so to get to the end of the day is a small victory everyday! x

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